Cover Art by Zach Stuef

Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Emari DiGiorgio: A Guide for Souvenirs You Get Without Going on the Trip
Keith S. Wilson: A Short List of Grievances

Ray Ventre Memorial Nonfiction Prize

Danielle Lea Buchanan: Derailments
Tessa Mellas: Keeping Houses
Garrett J. Brown: A Third View of the Cadaver Room
Noam Dorr: Fragment | Fragment


Andrew Gretes: Bergson’s Time Machine
Mirri Glasson-Darling: Spacehorse
Andrew Bales: Year of the Cow
Melissa Ostrom: Ruinous Finality
Anthony Blake: There are Too Many Baroque Christs
Rebekah Bergman: We Can Open Our Windows from the Top
Michelle Ross: One or Two?
Marlin M. Jenkins: This House is Our Burned Bodies
Leonora Desar: Twelve
Nicole Stellon O’Donnell:The Principal Can Go Fuck Herself / Second Grade Pain / Class Discussion Three
Michael Chin: Training / Autopsy / Ghost
Pj Carlisle: Call of the Wild
Audrey Gradzewicz: Elegy / Last Prayer
Anna Hundert: Either I will find a way or / Here lies a woman who / Once upon a time
Chelsea Voulgares: A Thousand Butterflies
Cat Ingrid Leeches: Freezer Dog
Jonathan Cardew: Bacon Man


Sam Martone: The Doorbell Rang
Sanam Mahloudji: Milk
Franz Neumann: The Primitives
Janet Towle: The Components of a Union
Carley Gomez: In Her Absence
Phillip Scott Mandel: Last Lectures on Fiddlesticks
Benjamin Mitten: A Silent Film Concerning the End of the World


Jessica Cuello: Brit: Moby Dick Chapter 58
Chelsea Dingman: In the Birthing Room
Chelsea Liston: But when she dreams it, it is
Ori Fienberg: Spectral Evidence / New Markets
Caroline Crew: Occasional Poem / Occasional Poem
Molly Sutton Kiefer: Desmoid: A Letter to my Tumor
Meghan Lamb: Missing
Christopher Citro: One Push on Top is All it Takes
Trenton Pollard: Vibrato
Wendy Wisner: After Newtown
Samuel Piccone: Desert Pass
Erin Dorney: PS 19
Steven Chung: Halfway Clinic
Kyle McCord: My Father Considers His Brain Scan as the Moon Titan
Wendy Oleson: She Sheds Skin Cells
Stephanie Bryant Anderson: Mother As a Forest and All That Was Lost in Her
Jessica Guzman Alderman: Hurricane Party, Or Geworfenheit
Lindsay Lusby: Wait a minute, there’s movement. It seems to have life–organic life.
Jade Hurter: Fledgling
Dante Di Stefano: Love is a Long Shadow, a Darkened Lamp
Norman Dubie: Goya’s Cleaning Woman / The Landscape Painter’s Chair / Isis
Sarah J. Sloat: Gone Blank / There Were All Sorts of Reasons / Nerve Telephone
Cortney Lamar Charleston: Bibliophobia: Fear of Books / Marginalization
Charlotte Seley: Pity Us Poor Devils
Leila Chatti: Explaining the Attempt to the Doctors, Beginning with Two Lines from Darwish
Patrick James Errington: Zombies Between Here and the Front Door
Auzelle Epeneter: Balmy
Patrick Milian: From Form / From Form
Jacob Sunderlin: from Bloodsculpture


Angela Palm: Election 2016: This Ain’t No Love Song
Anne Panning: Body Language
Erica Trabold: Borrow Pits
Sarah Fawn Montgomery: Dually Noted
Susan Mitchell: Truth
Lina M. Ferreira C.-V.: María, María, María, María
Karen Green: WW2A2Z
Jericho Parms: A Man Walks the Length of a Field
Elena Passarello: Four Horsemen