Julie Marie Wade: Mrs. Anderson [Or a Study of Apocalypse as an After-School Special
David Jaicks: Dog Nation
Deborah Thompson: When the Future Was Plastic
Cassidy Hart: What Pigs Eat
Chase Dressler: To the Right of My Navel
Darrin Moir: King of the Hill
Ander Monson: I in River
Brandon Grew: Axiomatic
Mary Elizabeth Pope: Personal Space


Chidelia Edochie: Tell Me about Your Country
Grant Tracey: Seeing Red, Feeling Blue
Meredith Neuman: Spaces
Joe Woodward: The Season of Her Imagination
Roxane Gay: The Nature of Living Things
Morris Collins: Brick
William R. Hincy: Amen
Molly Bonovsky Anderson: Apache Clouds
Laura Adamczyk: Getting Together
Jacob White: Episode before Putting on Pants / The Oldest City
Lauri Anderson: The First Good Thing


Charlotte Muse: Nocturne
Patrick Lane: Solstice Coming / In the Dry Hills West of Hermosillo / Mute Swans
Jacob Newberry: Sarajevo
Lee Rossi" “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty” / Dejeuner sur l’herbe
Michael Marberry: Fireworks / Windigo, OH / Accident
Tarfia Faizullah: Register of Eliminated Villages
Kurt Olsson: Just Once
Chad Davidson: The Grotesque
Mariela Griffor: The Psychiatrist / Death in Argentina
Jacques J. Rancourt: Mountain-Jawed Woman / The Mountain-Jawed Woman Shoots a Doe
Francesca Bell: Scorpions
Alka Roy: Red & Blue / Leftover
Katie Cappello: Iconography of Love
Andrew Kozma: In Praise of Praise
Gerry LaFemina: Any Penance that Might Have Saved Me
Barbara Pelman: Walking the Dog
John Hilden: Birthday Dream
David Dodd Lee: Mishawaka Avenue, after Snow / The Parents / The Silence
Gary Dop: Bill Bitner Attends His Grandfather’s Funeral
Yvonne Blomer: Suspect
Cynthia Woodman Kerkham: One Hundred and Three / You Came Home
Rodney Torreson: 1969
Mary Ann Samyn: It’s Never Just a Minute with You / I’m Telling You the Story of Right Now
Donald Platt: Star Magnolia
Andrea England: Re: Sister City, Plastic Duck, Vondelpark
Grace Cockburn: Cuneiform
Pamela Porter: Emily Dickinson Crosses the Waters / Another Life
Didi Gibbs: Wayfaring Stranger
Nick McRae: Prayer
Heather Cousins: Mindfulness / Winter
David Wagoner: On the Metaphors of Prophets / Being Sensible