Cover Art by Jennifer Burton

Waasmode Fiction Contest

Karin C. Davidson: We Are Here Because of a Horse

Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Contest

Traci Brimhall: After the Flood the Captain of the Hamadryas Discovers a Madonna
Nahal Jamir: Girl
Rochelle Hurt: Dirty Girl


Marc J. Sheehan: Paradoxes of the Space-Time Continuum / Debt Obligations
Claire Harlan Orsi: The Eternal Life of Dogs
Darren Morris: Dura Mater / Soccer Mom
Stefani Farris: Nothing is Precious
Meghan Perry: Changing Water
Jonathan Starke: A Constant Stream of Abrupt Movements
Doug Lawson: My Year under the Dog Star
Michelle Dove: Unknown
Allen Woodman: World’s Best Joke
Toni Graham: Burglar
Hans Burger: The Secret History of Love
Wendy Rawlings: The Hiccup


Matthew Vollmer: Epitaph XII / Epitaph XVII / Epitaph XXIX
Ann Neuser Lederer: One Point Five Hours at the Group Home
Jenny Boully: Mourning Suit
Brenda Miller: Dress Code
Brandon Davis Jennings: An Introduction to Badass Continuum Mechanics Or How They Pound Ass in Baker
Christine Caulfield: Remains
Karen Hays: 4s↑↓ (in absentia, or, where iron is a tiny prey animal)

Hybrid Essays

Michael Filas: The Lyrica Cantos—Canto VIII / The Lyrica Cantos—Canto IX / The Lyrica Cantos—Canto X
Emma Ramey: When You Take Your Waking Slow
Kristin Abraham: Pink Jesus (Or, Budget Truck to Zion)
Elena Passarello: Harriet (1830—2006)


Oliver de la Paz: Nocturne with a Body Beside a Hive / Nocturne with the Mummified Remains of a Girl / Pulled from a Bog / Nocturne with a Forensic Reconstruction of a Face
Donald Hall: Bread and Butter / North Carolina Poetry Reading Circuit 1960
Sally Wen Mao: On the Sorrow of Apiary Thieves
Ricardo Pau-Llosa: Eva Tropical / NKONDA: Clearing a Path / Self-Portrait as a Hare / Invidia
Mario Duarte: Elegy for Our Dreams
Josh Kalscheur: The Seminarian
Susan Terris: Diptych: Fish-Eyes / Memo to the Wild Girl I Was / Memo to the Woman in Deep Denial
David Lewitzky: Funky Chicken / Danse Macabre / Watusi / Rumba
Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Why Is It When I Think of You
Roy Mash: Letter to My Penis
Eric Higgins: Asthma
Allison Hedge Coke: Rucksack
Janet McNally: Fairy Tales / Hecuba and Gravity / One More Daphne
Hiram Larew: Marvely
Jill Osier: Last Dream of Flowers
Philip Belcher: Bait
Linda Nemec Foster: NYC to Poughkeepsie: The Man on the Train / Inside the Crater / Thirst
William Lusk Coppage: Fantasies of Men
David Cazden: Divination at the Hilltop Cemetery / In the Library at Dusk / Driving from the Vet
Esther Margaret Ayers: Wild Berries
CM Pretorius: Purple Storm / TV Guide
Lynn P. Elwell: In the Amber Light of Days
Henry Hughes: Each Pocket Has a Chute / Blue Helmet / Heartfall at Seventeen; Or, How I Became a Country Singer
John Azrak: What Breaks / Sarah Burke Summer, 1999 / Drive Thru
Joseph Fasano: Reading to the Blind / Nachtmusik / The Blind Foal
Matthew Minicucci: Icarus / Daedalus