Cover Art by Russell Prather


Karen Hausdoerffer: No Particular Dogs
Jaquira Díaz: Fourteen
Charisse Coleman: Riding Shotgun
Lucille Lang Day: Time-Out!

Waasnode Fiction Prize

Timothy Crandle: Long Division

Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize

Ira Sukrungruang: The Dishwasher


Amanda Giracca: Mother Tongue
Jacob M. Appel: Boundaries
Matthew Cashion: The Girl Who Drowned at School
Dale Gregory Anderson: The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
Astrid Duffy Slagle: The Shouting Boys
Jake Early: A Rhapsody
Teresa Milbrodt: Dohyo
Tim Johnston: Redefined
Maya Sloan: Christian Living
Amy Sickels: Playing House
Francine Witte: Dead Still / Moon Story / One Day, Mary Sends Her Shadow Out to Work / Rock, Paper
Ann S. Epstein: Macaroni & Cheese
Rachel Vogel: Getaway
Eliot Treichel: The Golden Torch
Luke Rolfes: Mountain Passing
Kathleen Hale: That One About Us
Thomas Martin: The Tomahawk Chop


Emma Bolden: At First / Zodiac / A History of Loss / Crushed
Keith Montesano: Nocturne with Meth Mouth and Last Rites
Hannah Louise Poston: The Foreigner / Trail Ride
Lauren Jensen: Nevertheless, the Alewives Will Show Up Again
Erinn Batykefer: Pittsburgh as Self-Portrait / Pelvis IV with Blue, Santa Fe / Clam Shell
Jonathan Rice: Spell to Draw the Spirits from Lake Jocassee / Swim Lessons
Curtis Bauer: You Know You Want It
Lisa J. Ampleman: Background Noise / Within Sight
Colette LaBouff Atkinson: Urban Cowboy
Jesse Lee Kercheval: Straight Line
Chad Sweeney: The Mile / Translation
Jennifer Juneau: Home Study III / Relic
Pamela McClure: Horoscope
Weston Cutter: What Follows
Jeff Hardin: Practice / Mountain View Couples Club
Julia Clare Tillinghast-Akalin: Some Possible Endings
Ashley Nicole Montjoy: If I were a Painter, then I wouldn’t have to Write this Poem
Molly Bendall: Under the Quick / Sleep Like a June Bug
David Dodd Lee: One Evening, A Train / I Love to Have Dreams and Have Them Come True
Courtney Jo Good: Atlas Pit / Old Enough to Watch Yourself
Shane Seely: For the Swamp King of Kalispell / Against Reading / Rehearsal for an Execution
Adam Houle: No, Your Boobs are Not Falling