Cover Art by Jennifer Burton

Thomas J. Hruska Memorial Nonfiction Prize

Brandon Davis Jennings: I Am the Pulverizer
Christiana Louisa Langenberg: Foiled
Sidony O'Neal: Timely Reflections on the Death of Emergency

Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Vandana Khanna: Prayer to Recognize the Body
T.J. Sandella: My Mother Prepares Me for Her Death


Steven Church: Crown and Shoulder
Andrew Johnson: A Late Migration / Extinction / Stuck
Lena Bartone: The Bed
Joe Bonomo: 34 of 86 Stories
Pablo Pinero Stillmann: Mirror: A Found Essay from the Twitterverse
Jami Nakamura Lin: Return, and Return
Meghan Brinson: The Ivy Wife
Rachel Richardson: Come Back and See Us
Nicole Walker: On Anger
Monica Berlin: Still, Rivers
Kyle Minor: Seven Things about the Babysitter

Hybrid Essays

Nicole Stellon O'Donnell: In Gratitude to the Dream Sequence / Irony Cuts Down the Tree Next to the Chicken Coop / Chicago Gothic
Liza Porter: Labyrinth
Ming Holden: Noah's Tsunami
Caleb Curtiss: Moth
Donald Platt and Mary Hambleton: Offering Red
Harrison Candelaria Fletcher: The Sorrowful Mysteries: A Family Lament


John Brown Spiers: Belief
Liza Wieland: Ship on Fire
Carol Guess and Kelly Magee: With Fish
Lindsey Wolkin: What I'm Asking
Douglas Silver: Timeshare
Joe Sacksteder: Earshot--Grope--Cessation
Khristian Mecom: The Pretty Fall
Alisha Karabinus: The Secret of Volleyball
Sean Prentiss: The Nature of Things
Naria Kuzmich: In Everything I See Your Hand
Scott Nadelson: Girl Made of Metal
Maria Hummer: Homegoing
Glenn Shaheen: Witness Protection
C.A. Schaefer: Refraction
Katie Cortese: What to Expect When You're Expecting / Rules of Combat


Kwame Dawes: Spent Shell / Animals / Tree Husbandry / A Year / Gravedigger
Callie Siskel: Cocktail Hour
Lindsay Tigue: Convergent Boundaries
Jim Daniels: Christmas Miracle / Hard Candy
Abayomi Animashaun: A Way of Seeing
Ocean Vuong: Devotion
Meredith Davies Hadaway: The Swimmer
Kerry James Evans: Landscape, Red Crayon
Andrew Grace: The Contractor / Memo to the Wild Girl I Was / The Doe
Bob Hicok: A change in the rules / The vigil / Long distance l'amour / The autobiography of a mood / My love poems don't have to seem like love poems to you
Jason Allen: Brother
Jason Tandon: Paper Mill in Winter / Then
Gerry LaFemina: The Brontosaurus Incident
Adam Tavel: Ode to Fuck
Lawrence Eby: I Haven't Been Sure of Anything
Dennis Ross: Grieving
Andrew Kozma: Rise up! Rise up!
Kyle McCord: In the Event of an Emergency, the Gallons of Gatorade
Norman Dubie: Elegy for Jack Gilbert / Jar City / The War Scroll / Out of the Junkyard, at Delphi / Fire Wood for Sale / In a Matter of Adders