Cover Art by Greg Otto

Waasnode Short Fiction Contest

Brett Garcia Myhren: The Wife of Pedro Fages
Marla Becking: North of the 53rd
Alma García: Truly
Deborah Gerlach Klaus: Freedom Ride
Erika Mikkalo: Pick Up Sticks
Aaron M. Morales: Flashflood

Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Contest

Paula Belnap: Animal Cages
Ander Monson: Has She Gone Too Far This Time?
Gina Ochsner: Rain
Ginger Strand: Firefly
Bonnie Schwartz: Marital Advice


Moira Egan: eMuse / A Note to Miss Moore / Circe Offers Comfort / All the Old Weapons / Sonnet to a Muse / New Year’s Eve with Caesura / Another Card Trick
Phil Brady: Virginity / Angel / The Naked Grandmother / Wound
Martha Serpas: Bayou Lafourche / The Discipline of Non-Fulfillment / Sunrise / Hard Rain
Gregory Fraser: Pussy / A Bottle / Goat / Construction / Gaul
Ben Lernerfrom:  The Angle of Yaw
Ander Monson: Aerialist / Self-Portrait with Transgression / Synonym
Elizabeth Rees: The Dead / Sinai Desert Walk
Russell Thorburn: I Love You, Helen Baxendale / Flesh and the Devil / The 400 Blows / The Spy Who Came in from the Cold
Mary Gilliland: As Though Finny Folk Would Flip / Continent, Not Country
Ron Rash: White Wings / Blue Cat / Luna
Mary Alexandra Agner: Men Granted Wings / Geese Speak
Phillip Sterling: Of New Year’s Day / Between For & From
Nancy Botkin: Parts That Were Once Whole / Doors Closing
Joan Houlihan: Ferrets
Jim Burrows: Dawn Delivery / The Work Force
Aviya Kushner: Disco
Simeon Berry: The Body of Evidence / In Medias Res
Laura Johnson: Test Pattern With Red Flares / Babel
Daniel Tobin: Stink Bull
Mike Dockins: Splitting the Atom for Dummies / The American Thump
Joanne Lowery: Mata Hari Zips Her Lips / Mata Hari’s Portable Life
Jennifer Perrine: Stella / Ode to Julie
Bob Hicok: Basic training
Ricardo Pau-Llosa: Ladrón / Genre Painting in Prosperous Times
Jennifer K. Sweeney: The Summoning
Christine Stewart-Nunez:Your Death
Laurie Klein: A Wink, Underwater
Lois Marie Harrod: What the Phoenix Sings to the Ashes
Gerry LaFemina: Putting Descartes before the Horse
Lorene Lamothe: Gourds
Claire Bateman: Passage


Paul Crenshaw: To Fly
Diana Joseph: Love in the Land of Sweet Tomorrow
Lucy Bucknell: Arrival
Kristie Betts: Flagging
Abbey Palmer: Finch
Harriet Rohmer: Pearl
Stephen Clarke: The Horse’s Name Was Friday
Linda Frysh: The Third Floor
Jeanne Kocher: Out of Order
Toni Jensen: Chiromancer


Anne Panning: Specs: My Life in Eyeglasses
Brenda Pike: Revisiting
Corbin Collins: Notes from the Middle of Nowhere