Cover Art by Zach Stuef

Neutrino Short-Short Prize

Alex McElroy: Responsible Fear
Alexandra Lytton Regalado: Mosaic
Jennifer Ghivan: The Trial
Nickalus Rupert: Ballad of the Tomato Lady

Waasnode Short Fiction Prize

Jonathan Escoffery: In Flux
Robert James Russell: She Lit a Fire


Karen Babine: Negative
Katrina Prow: The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright
Ingrid Jendrzejewski: The Middle Ground
Timothy Raymond: Wishers
Joseph Michaels: How Big Was Big John?
Timothy Schirmer: Trailer Fire
Marc J. Sheehan: An Anti-Lament for the Great Age of Barnstorming
Kristina Marie Darling & John Gallaher: In This Best of All Possible Worlds
Steven Wolf: There Are an Infinite Number of Stories to Tell, But Eventually You Run Out of Time
Rebekah Hall: Question
Nicole Rivas: Death of an Ortolan / The Last Meal Chef
Taylor Gorman: Bear


Anne Valente: The Whispering Arch
Mary LaChapelle: Saab Story
Skye Anicca: Trimmings
Nini Berndt: Trash Boys
Victoria Miluch: Landfill #49
Ari Laurel: Kissy Suzuki Puts On Her Face
Erinrose Mager: Wedding Day
Jacob Guajardo: What Got Into Us


LaTanya McQueen: Points of Interest
Angela Pelster: Once, Then
William Stobb: Toward the Oblivious Factories
Matthew Minicucci: How to Insert a PICC Line in the Subjunctive Mood
Mika Taylor & PR Griffis: Rodchenko Redacted
Justin Lawrence Daugherty & Jill Talbot: How to Mix the Perfect [ ]
Julija Šukys: There Be Monsters
Sonya Huber: Prayer to Pain
Michael Madonick: Complaining of the Resurgence of Hawks, a Blue-Haired Woman Calls the Radio Naturalist to Grouse of Carnage Near her Bird Feeder
Natalie Vestin: The Giants of Mountain Iron
Kelcey Parker Ervick: Empty Nest/Emptiness
EJ Levy: Natural World
Laura I. Miller: Excerpts from We’re Not Heroines
Sarah Minor: Mississippi Pearl: A History of the Interior
Dustin Parsons: The Fujita Scale / Come Celebrate the Radial Arm Saw / Wind Turbine


Gabrielle Bates: Cinderella as Told by Grackles / Augury for a Younger Brother
Chris Speckman: retroflective
Paige Lewis: When They Find the Ark
Mark Neely: Star Vehicle / Off the Grid
Amy Marengo: + On Vacation
Zach Mueller: Nightswimming
Skye Shirley: Bestiary
Ruth Foley: Fossil Record / Note to Self
Naomi Mulvihill: Cesium 137
Rachel Edelman: Icarus, Again
Owen McLeod: Equitum Tres Coloratum / La Fin de L’Été
Sadie Hoagland: Nine Stories (A Pantoum)
April Christiansen: Afterlife
Sarah Ann Winn: Appendix Crimson / Color Therapy with Rothko’s Lab
Maeve Kirk: Parhelia
Ruben Rodriguez: Processes
Ryan Croken: After You
Caitlin Neely: Chopin Plays His Last Concert
Michael Lisieski: Things Blessed
Erin Jones: Alcohol Gene / Sisters
Bryce Berkowitz: Boys Will B-Boy
Casey Patrick: Calling Itasca We Must Be on You but Cannot See You but Gas is Running Low
Brittney Scott: Medium
Jennifer K. Sweeney: Still Life with Skeleton and Sight Word / Meeting
Talin Tahajian: Spring Rain
Michael Wasson: Ligature / The Sacrifice / The Only Moment We Had at the Mouth of the Creek
Sara Henning: Requiem for my Grandfather’s Suits
Philip Schaefer: Once There Were Lions / Slip Not
Tyler Kline: Advice from Stevie Nicks on Naming Night
Brandon Rushton: Exploration of the Self as Enflamed Ethologist / Archaeology


The Importance of Listening, the Dangers of Assumption: An Interview with Leslie Jamison
The Astonishing Insight of Self-Scrutiny: An Interview with Eula Biss
Stealing the Truth: An Interview with Tiphanie Yanique