Cover Art by Greg Otto


Emma Wunsch: Marshall, Drowning
Diane Allenberg: Thanksgiving
Perry Glasser: The Veldt
Alexandra Leake: How To Be A Moron
Sean Padraic McCarthy: On the Precipice of Sleep
Lolette Kuby: Body Image: A Fable
Autumn Arnold: The Sideline
Arlene Eisenberg: Walking on Ice
Miriam Moeller: Speaking With My Mouth Shut
John Poch: Dr. Warner Mourns His Wife
Francine Witte: Spy Story
Tami Anderson: Rigatoni Superman


Anne Panning: Trailer Court: Rolling
Ryan Wilson: Nation Building
Jacob M. Appel: She Loves Me Not
Jeff P. Jones: Children of Cain
Gregory Fraser interviews Robert Phillips: From Madison Avenue to Breakdown Lane and Beyond


Frannie Lindsay: The Chores / Henry / Mother’s Body, November / The Stops / Pants
Bob Hicok: Weather report / Aerial / Romance novel / Gibbous
Esther Lee: The Good Girl Montage / Truth is
Kristen Henderson: The Smoker
Jennifer Foerster: Creation: Moon
Derek Sheffield: Living on James Wright
John Pursley III: Hammerhead on the Atlantic
Matthew Thorburn: And Nadine was Like / Fred Peg’s Didgeridoo / Horse Poetica
Bruce Bond: The Embalmer’s Daughter Studies Ears / Grove
Kathleen Rooney: The Celebrated Chop Waltz
Shana Deets: What I returned / Preservation
Scott K. Odom: Bone Dance
William Jolliff: Lavender
Paul Guest: The Numbers are Not In / Hunger
Hadara Bar-Nadav: Flood of Excess / Lost Semaphores / Walking on the Porch
Pamela McClure: The January House Seals Shut / You Asked for this Poem / House Pastoral / When / Walking The Edge Of the Pasture
William Watt: Eclog LXV
Jacqueline Kolosov-Wenthe: Syncope
Charles Harper Webb: Eat a Spoonful; It’s Candy
Theodore Worozbyt: Mise en Place
Darrell Bourque: The Owl in Vita Sackville-West’s Garden / Where Land Meets Sky / Wyeth and Helga in Autumn
David Welch: Free Market
Matthew Guenette: The Happening / The Lesson
Amanda Yskamp: Fetishes and Proper Names / Birds of Prayer / Fictional Limits
Brad Richard: The Latch
Jessie L. Janeshek: In Old Dutch Paintings / Tell Me How Zeros Spread
Miles Waggener: Relic Tour
Jesse Lee Kercheval: Cherokee Marsh
Michelle Mitchell-Foust: At El Campo Santo (The Holy Fields) / Drive from Westminster
Mitchell Metz: Unremarkable
Phillip Crymble: Decoration / Open Air Market / South Side
Adam Day: Our Lady of Lebanon Church, Brooklyn Heights / Night Sea / To a Suicide
James Grinwis: Chest of Broken Things / Eggs
Ethan Bull: Ars Poetica: Pay a Million Priests
Matthew Sadler: Monsoon / Salt
Jonelle Wilkinson Seitz: Alice’s Paul on TV
Christopher Davis: The Embarrassment of Riches / Requiem
Henry Hughes: Guarding the Dump / I Eat the Fins
John Jenkinson: King’s Harlot to Rook One / Lot’s Daughters
Henry Israeli: Dirge for New Amsterdam / Found Object / The Salve: 2004
Maria Terrone: Omega Train / Seaside Stonehenge
Ann McGovern: My Husband Died Three Months Ago