Cover Art by Thomas Capuccio

Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Sandra Beasley: Helios. Hecate. / The Green Flash

Thomas J. Hruska Memorial Nonfiction Prize

Maureen Stanton: Miss Somebody


Gregory Fraser: An Interview with Bob Hicok


Chad Davidson: Target / Gold’s Gym
Marianne Kunkel: Before I Was Born / Exquisite / Torpor
Paul Gibbons: Their Skin is the Last to Sleep
Katie Chaple: Returning Madame Bovary / Charlie Chaplin Enters a Charlie Chaplin Lookalike Contest / My Epicurean Curse
Judson Evans: Trial by Fire/Trial by Water / Sebastien
Michelle Bitting: Strange Flesh
Rodney Gomez: Alton Field / Balloon Artist
Stephen Graham Jones: Animals I’ve Known / ’Tis the Season
Britton Shurley: after reading kafka, depp eats a gingerbread man / depp’s favorite photo
Gary Wilkens: Recollections of Childhood
Supritha Rajan: The Cook’s Daughter
Carol Was: To Wolfgang Puck after Making His Carrot Loaf / My Mocha
James Doyle: In the Planetarium
Lauren Shapiro: Going to Hawaii / Learning Curve
Janice Fitzpatrick Simmons: Penelope On the Suitors / Flycatcher
Sally Rosen Kindred: Mercy on Pecos Road / Orange and Gold
Michelle Mitchell-Foust: Hand Dovecote
William Wenthe: The House of Fabergé
Jean Nordhaus: The Past / The Tower of Clementines / The Dog Shark
Kimberly Kolbe: After (The Beach in August), We Go Back to the City
F. Daniel Rzicznek: Grist
Doug Ramspeck: Equivalence / Blue Toaster
Mary Ann Samyn: I need a ribbon. Draw me a ribbon. / Draw the sounds coming out of the drum. / This is a bowl of broth. / Scribble on this wall.


Joe Oestreich: In Any August
Dorene O’Brien: Tarantulas, Southern Comfort, a Place to Shut My Eyes
William Bradley: Force
David Harris-Gershon: After the Fact
Elizabeth Gallu: Frusina’s Kitchen


AC Lambeth: The Bishop’s Cake
Ajani Burrell: South of 16th Street
Tyler McMahon: The Longest Wave
W. Todd Kaneko: Halloween, 1982
Abigail Keller: A Place I Could Dive Into
Tommy Zurhellen: Study for Bibi
Benjamin Drevlow: Replacement / Fish for Everybody
Katherine Gustafson: Florence
Mark Brazaitis: Warriors of Love
Benjamin J. Wielechowski: Dressing the Frogman
Mathew Goldberg: Bat Mitzvah
Katrina Denza: Madrid
Polly Rosenwaike: Olivia, A Drive By