Cover Art by John B. Herman

Waasnode Short Fiction Prize

Tracy Winn: Izabel Tiago
Thomas L. Small: The Librarian's Assistant
Midge Raymond: Floaters

Just Desserts Short-Short Fiction Prize

Lois Taylor: Nogo
Steve Edwards: What's It Matter If I See Blurry?
Frankie Drayus: The Legend of the Girl Who Was Allergic to Salt


Shayla Hawkins: To Transcribe and Transfigure: An Interview with Charles Johnson
Rachel Pridgeon: On Calluses

Writers on Writing

John McNally: The Secret Life of Subtext
Rebecca Johns: Let Me Introduce Myself


Carrie Jerrell: The Poet Prays to Her Radio for a Country Song / The Recessional / Phaethon / Demolition Derby / For the Sparrows Who Lost Their Nests in the Southern Indiana Tornado
Mathew Siegel: Maria Tells Me I Look Skinny / Back To This
Alison Stine: The Thief / The Chairs / The Red Thread / The Flies
Shana Deets: Hometown / Human
Devon Branca: Poseidon
Chad Davidson: The Big Spill / Subway
Matt Rasmussen: Reverse Suicide / The I
Cynie Cory: Robbery / Do You Want to Take My Picture?
Eric Burger: Scales / The Gulls
Gretchen Mattox: How Text Breaks Down / Moored to the Achetypal Father Dark / A Forest Bleakly Mute / Formerly Bitten by Kittens / The Backwards Flight of Names
Sandra Beasley: Allergy Girl III / Allergy Girl IV / Allergy Girl IX
David Dodd Lee: Erotic Double / Tricycle
D.H. Tracy: For Hart Crane / Safiya's Recife Diary
Weston Cutter: She Left Just Her Shoes and / Wood
Sarah Green: Indirect Sunlight / October Recovery
Josiah Bancroft: The Whale in Her Lap / Stand Off, Shoot Out
Megan Grumbling: To The Reel / Lacunae
Tom Daley: August, the Deaconess, Third Floor / Mary's Song
Megan E. Shevanock: Loch Ness / Encounter with a Fox
Jim Murphy: Bellwether Radio
Mike Dockins: from "Seventeen Jills"
Ralph Black: Poems Blown About by the Wind / Intermezzo
Mary Gilliland: Holy Island / Apples
Matthew Ladd: Early Memory of  my Mother, Amarillo / The Accidental Theatre
Josh Rathkamp: Spectators Along the Interstate / Stopping for Directions
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis: For Six Seconds
Allegra Wong: Boylston Street
Kate Covintree: Study Hall
Gerry LaFemina: Figure 9: Animal Suits Worn by Individual Performers / The Baptism of Clown Baby
Matthew Guenette: Sudden Anthem / Capitol Steps
Willard Greenwood: Insomniac
Donald Illich: The Loser
Tom Dvorske: The Hitchhiker's Tongue
Rodney Torreson: At the Elvis Hotel / Hitchhiker / You're 18, Riding with Friends to a Record Store in Dylan's Old Haunt of Dinkytown


John McNally: Return Policy
Steve Almond: Tiger Song / It's Not Even Breakfast Anymore
Aimee La Brie: In Mem
Gail R. Henningsen: She Who Is Washing My Ex-husband's Clothes
Caitlin Horrocks: Zero Conditional
Allen Learst: When Water Breaks from the Shore
Elizabeth Edelglass: The Same Map
Andrew Bode-Lang: Love, Love, Love
Susan Woodring: Springtime on Mars
Daniel Gocella: Do Flags
Leonard Kress: The Burning Bus Club
Robert Glick: Release
Teresa Milbrodt: Lavender Snails
Eric Vrooman: Acknowledgments