Cover Art by Ian Stewart

Waasnode Fiction Prize

Tori Malcangio: A History of Heartbeats

Just Desserts Short-Short Prize

Darren Morris: The Weight of the World
Edith Pearlman: Sentimental Ballads
Jendi Reiter: Altitude
Thomas Yori: That Day


Kristine Somerville: The Dresser / Sarah Takes Flight / Happy Valley
Monica McFawn: A Country Woman
Gail Seneca: Geography Lesson
Julie Iromuanya: Aunty Stays
Mabel Yu: How You Spend Your Day
Krista Mann: Floating Away from the Moon
Elizabeth Dirkse: Drawings
Ernest K. Allaire: Deep River Blues
Ryan Futrell & Kevin Heath: Stick Shift
Timothy Samuel Scott: Flashcards with Mrs. Barnes, 1974
Yvette Ward-Horner: Oh Tree
Wendi Lee: Irene and the Pale Man
Christine Grimes: The Ending Matters


Kristin Berger: Touching Bear
Jan Shoemaker: The Winter of My Bisque-Intent
Richard Hackler: No, No, November
Lisa K. Harris: Dementia
Lili Wright: Lobster Quadrille
Janet Yoder: Coffee Is a Blessing: An Alphabet of Espresso


Traci Brimhall: The Women are Ordered to Clear the Bodies of Suitors Slain by Ulysses / A Dead Woman Speaks to Her Resurrectionist / The Saints Go Marching / Kingdom Come 
Bob Hicok: Art: a review / tough, love / The welcome / The story of poetry
Frank Giampietro: It Takes Two Men to Replace Me, Honey / As My Wife Cleans Up the Last
dawn lonsinger: She Had No Elbows / She Had No Bubble Wrap / She Had No Feet / She Had No Throat
Nick Courtright: Tyrannosaurus
Matthew Thorburn: Vertigo
David Hargreaves: Summer Rental / Cancer Tale
Christian AntonGerard: Apotheosis
Tom Laverty: Snow / November
Luke Johnson: After the Ark
Sarah J. Sloat: From the Back of My Mind / Table, Uncleared
Matthew Nienow: The End of the Folded Map / The Necklace
Kristin Robertson: White Birds / Bonfire
Christina Olson: The Opposite of Suicide
Rebecca Morgan Frank: Residential
Nicole Higgins: How All Becomes Right with the World / Piso Mojado
Sandy Longhorn: Estate Planning: Reliquaries / Naming the Storm
Barbara Duffey: I Run Errands by Myself / Lauds / Dolly Shepherd and the Scientific Method / How to Bake the Famed Cushion Cake, Requisite for Bridal Showers and a Favorite of Our Staff
Jason Tandon: Neighbors
Gary Leising: First Day of Class in British Literature / Pentimenti / Sara Tracey / Back to the Rookery