PN40 cover.jpg

Cover Art by Monica McFawn

Neutrino Short-Short Prize

Cal Freeman: Note-Taking While Watching Monday Night Football

Christine G. Adams: Landscape with Seance & Dead Opossum

Waasnode Fiction Prize

Melissa Goodrich & Dana Diehl: The Boy Who Arrives in a Box

Cameron Moreno: The People of Fruit

Noah Bogdonoff: Something Practical


Jesus Peña: Booty Shorts

Michael Sarinsky: Madame Budoucnosta

Sonia Feigelson: Easy Living

Tara Deal: Group Tour

Colette Arrand: Third Kind / The Thing / Crystalline Entity

Ösel Jessica Plante: Cherry Red Door

Erica Peplin: Dora Picks Dinner

Sean Lovelace: Letters to Jim Harrison

Alexandra Chang: There

Cady Vishniac: Speculative Meanings of the Word Pregnant

Miles Varana: Echoing Green Interior Winter 2016

Jad Josey: We Sing with Our Mouths Closed

Helen Hofling: On Top of the Mountain

Daniel Paul: Doppelganger I / Doppelganger II

Katherine D. Stutzman: Anamosa, Iowa

Patrick Thomas Henry: “Polaroid Snapshot: Odometer Reading, Breakdown on Route 865—103,472 Miles”

TR Brady: Binge-Watching the Night

Emily Capettini: Velma Becomes an Athlete / Self-Portrait as Velma Dinkley / Velma Tries Malört

Sandra Sylvia Nelson: Nuances of Daily Living


Hazel Foster: The Lucky Strike Motel

Mia Caruso: Gestation

Aleyna Rentz: Prose Without Adjectives

Samantha Edmonds: Samson Collapsing, or: What I Lost Falling in Love

Chris Kammerud: Paper Moons

Erin Slaughter: Black Pear Tree and the Boxed-In Sky

Redfern Jon Barrett: Shelter

Ian Denning: The Camlin

Kate Tighe-Pigott: You Have Arrived at the Marriott Miyako Hotel


Mary Ruefle: The Cashew / We Need To Talk About Ice Cream / A Lesson in History

Natalie Wee: Sister

Taneum Bambrick: Apples

Dylan Weir: I’m Dylan and I’m an Alcoholic

Dayna Patterson: Self-Portrait as Miranda, A Green Girl

Erica Lee Braverman: Jamestown, Winter 1609

Augusta Funk: Burial

John Sibley Williams: Interlude

Kate Gaskin: Fuck, Marry, Kill—Deployment Edition / Home Front

Andy Stallings: Paradise

Sarah Levine: Bag of Punches

Keith Kopka: For A Moment I Feel Immortal, Or, Rather, Disappointed / At Dinner, When Someone Says Reading Poems Is Torture

Josh Myers: We Are Guilty of What We Permit / Sleeping Together / An Argument for My Vasectomy

Jessica Lee: Catch Me If You Can

Eric Burger: Small Sample / Report on Mysterious Spiral to Federal Commission on Mysterious Spiral (FCMS) by Federal Mysterious Spiral Investigative Unit (FMSIU)

Margaret Cipriano: The Show

Jeremy Radin: Tomorrow, the Funeral / Observatory

Caylin Capra-Thomas: All My Exes Live in this Poem / Not the Fly But the Amber

John McCarthy: Switchgrass

Megan J. Arlett: Jaw

Mitchell Jacobs: Chronicle with a Series of Vessels


G.C. Waldrep: Yr Luminous Nation-State / I See My Grandfather Enter Persian Airspace Illegally Clutching Violets in His Hands / Vanitas Colophon / Because I Cannot See the Mountains / The Bamberg Cryptogram / Rebus Lacking Almoner or Spirit Guide / The Embroidery Lesson / Day of the Dead

Lucia LoTempio: Tell / When a Girl

Caitlyn GD: Search History

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher: Slightest Edge / The Crossing

Ursula Villarreal-Moura: Saigon, 1969

T Fleischmann: Latecoming

Lisa Fay Coutley: Foreclosures