Cover Art by Jennifer Burton

Neutrino Short-Short Prize

Sean Webb: Pigworks
Jennifer Tseng: Seaside Resort in Wartime

Waasnode Short Fiction Prize 

Miriam Karmel: Pocket Full of Posies

Art Feature

Guy Maddin: Collages


Traci Brimhall: Arctic Tempest, or How to Appease the Kraken When It Comes for You
Michael Martone: The Sun / Leadlead / Blimp
C. Levison McGuire: Once I Had Brains and a Heart Also
Aaron Apps: The Formation of This Grotesque Fatty Figure
Jill Talbot: Distance
BJ Hollars: Hirofukushima
Sydney Lea: Recovery Room
Marcia Aldrich: Grub
Karen Hays: CV x K
Beth Peterson: Driving Wyoming
Terese Svoboda: Osler-Weber-Rendu

Hybrid Essays

William Stobb: Meaning
Liv Lansdale: March Resistance / The Anatomy of Juggling
AK Benninghofen: A Prayer
F. Daniel Rzicznek: Two from Leafmold
D. E. Steward: Junae
Charlotte Pence: Upright but Apelike
Chelsea Biondolillo: GEOLOGY//an investigation
GC Waldrep: A Short History of the Republican Party / The Language of Accidents / Those Unglittering, Actual Matadors / Elegy for the Food Chain


Denise Dirksre: The Piña Colada Song
Bryant Davis: Tumuli Park
Matthew Fogarty: Maybe Mermaids and Robots Are Lonely / Extinction Event / Outline of the Moon
Melissa Goodrich: Anna George
Janice Obuchowski: King of the Goats
Andrew Wickenden: Metal
Eduardo Jose Astigarraga: The Genesis of Basketball
Amy Holt: Bonesmith
Jessica Goodfellow: The Girl Whose Favorite Color Is Eigengrau
Margaret Hermes: Daughters of Eve
Allegra Hyde: Americans on Mars!
Ryan Ridge & Mel Bosworth: A Slick Six from Camouflage Country


Brianna Noll: Some Questions about De-Extinction / We’ll Know to Imagine the Horse’s Snout, the Gelatinous Head of the Octopus
BR Strahan: A Furnished Life
Kara van de Graaf: Horse Fly / Excavated Girl
Terry Godbey: The Girls’ Social Calendar Fills Up
Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren: At the Right Hour of Winter
James Ellenberger: Black Ice / What You Need to Know Now That You’re Dead
Elly Bookman: Fourth Grade / Fifth Grade
Dara-Lyn Shrager: Bee Mountain
Richard Carr: Poser
Lydia Ship: The Waiting Land Weights / Waiting Chains for the Traveler
Cynthia Manick: When the Sun Speaks to a Lover / The Reaper in Me
Lesley Jenike: Proofs / The Age of Innocence
Craig Beaven: Preservation
Jonathan Johnson: For the Finder of My Days / Soliloquy of the Presque Isle Sasquatch
Katharine Diehl: For Hannah but a Long Time Ago
Laura Bernstein: Sifting the Compost
Susan Terris: Portrait of The Artist’s Shadow Wife / Nestless
Clayton Adam Clark: Skeleton
Edgar Kunz: The Workbench
Elizabyth A. Hiscox: The Red-Eye’s Departure
Ty Stumpf: Marked
Sarah Sousa: Deed of Gift
ML Liebler: Last Night inside My Blood
Melissa Stephenson: Deer Heart
Liz N. Clift: Cold Storage
Rob Talbert: My American Youth
Katrin Tschirgi: Chimera
LA Johnson: Landscape with Smoke / Evaporation
Gabriella R. Tallmadge: The Animal Afterward
Meg Cowen: Foreclosed