Cover Art by Evan Prout

Hrushka Nonfiction Prize

Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson: On Nostalgia

Elinor Benedict Poetry Prize

Lindsay Means: Antikythera
KT Landon: The Dead Go Bowling


Carole Maso: On Existence: A Treatise on Snow
Thalia Field: Natural Rights
Kristine Ervin: Motherline
David LeGault: All I Ever Wanted Is What Others Left Behind
Christina Kapp: The Mole
Nick Neely: Chanty
Lawrence Lenhart: This Taxidermy Will Be Mounted to an Interior Wall

Hybrid Essays

Lisa Nikolidakis: Fan Mail: A Lyric Essay in Five Acts
Lindsey Drager: In Defense of Anachronism: or, W.G. Sebald Interviews Me
Denise Duhamel & Julie Marie Wade: 42 Ways to Throw a Party
Dennis James Sweeney: from In the Antarctic Circle
Ander Monson: Invisible Cities / For an Elephant Historian

Short Shorts

Ashley Seitz Kramer: Shee-lah / The Bath
Kevin O’Cuinn: Iso-something
Megan Giddings: Three Boyfriends
William VanDenBerg: Punnett Squares
Stephanie Lenox: 3.141592653589793238462543383 / Ducks Redux / Shameful
Steve Finbow: Return of the Minotaur


Gabrielle Hovendon: Saranac
Liz Breazeale: Survival in the Plague Years
Roya Khatiblou: Assemblage
Kelsie Hahn: Naming the Baby
LaToya Watkins: Peeling
Richard Mirabella: Care
Nick Kocz: Chimpanzees
Kami Westhoff: The Fifth Pull


Michael Marberry: Barn in Winter
Chase Twichell: Mom’s Playthings / Strangers’ Houses / Crickets at the End of the World
Laura Donnelly: Exodus
Kaitlin LaMoine: Martin / Love Letter from the Cellar
Nick Lantz: Taxidermy: Ars Poetica / Taxidermy: Deer Hoof Gun Rack
Mark Wagenaar: Ant Hour Gospel (The Body Distances)
Mariela Griffor: Winner
Lucien Darjeun Meadows: Anorexia as a Dragonfly / Woman of the Woods: Damien Hirst
David Ebenbach: The Philosopher Points / Page Turner
Lisa Haag Kang: Stiletto Moon / Sun Down
Benjamin Goldberg: Shoreline Ghazal / Pantoum with Pharmaceutical Warning
Katie Hartsock: Metropolitan
Regina DiPerna: Vigil in Scorpio / Home Movie
MacKenzie Regier: Non Parlo / Gator Song
Robert Krut: Juliette at the Bureau
Sandra Kolankiewicz: Evicted
Monica Berlin: The other night, we stood in front of the picture
Corey Van Landingham: In Which I Misread the Title of One of My Boyfriend’s Books as Devotional Paleontology
Michael Madonick: The Absence of Loss / Clam / Dorothy Hamill and All-The-Fajitas-You-Can-Eat / Shell
Hannah Baggott: Do I Have a Body, or Am I a Body?
Joseph Mulholland: Dorothea Tanning in Sedona, Arizona / Eurydice
Jennifer Givhan: Nieve in the Desert Circus
Ellen Stone: Argument
Norman Dubie: Monologue of the One and Zero / Ovid / Little Mila’s Still Life / Ukraine
Catherine Bresner: That Gentleman’s Romantic Shadow
Peter Munro: Fitness Value of Blind Faith
John A. Nieves: Evaporation (Conjunctio)
Emily Rose Cole: She Remembers the First Time / The Witch of the East Calls a Council
Jenna Bazzell: We’ve Been Saying Goodbye All Morning
Lauren Winchester: Something Like a Grin / Love Poem for a Planet
Joseph Fasano: Triumph
Cal Freeman: How to Work a Cutting Horse
Kevin Weidner: A Very Nice Dinner
Ash Bowen: The Other Story of Sea Monkeys / Lilith
Robert Levy: The Swamp Road
M. Ann Hull: My Mother, Born in Summer, Had Winter Babies
Partridge Boswell: Husbandry
Richard Prins: Pantoum Found in Jesus’ Son
P. Ivan Young: Thirteen Stories of Finding Jesus
Amie Whittemore: The White Doe
Suzanne Parker: Possibly Picasso’s / This
Olga Rukovets: In Memory