Appendix Crimson

by Sarah Ann Winn

Fig. 13: 6” hinge. One side enthusiastically splatter painted red, the other clean. Rust-locked in the open position.  

Fig. 26: Genetically altered apple, which smells of grapes at first inhale, then of dried leaves broken under foot. Tart, the tang lingers on one’s tongue. Later you will dream of orchards covered with snow, hear the voice of your sister somewhere ahead.

Fig. 23: Directions, Google Maps. Printed on 8½x11” white paper, ink origin unknown. A few handwritten notes detail landmarks along the journey from East of the Sun, Ohio to West of the Moon, Virginia.

Sarah Ann Winn’s poems, prose, and hybrid works have appeared or are upcoming in Five Points, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Little Patuxant Review, Massachusetts Review, and Quarterly Review, among others. Her chapbooks include Field Guide to Alma Avenue (Essay Press 2016), Haunting the Last House on Holland Island, Fallen Into the Bay (Porkbelly Press 2016), and Portage (Sundress Publications 2015). Her first book, Alma Almanac, won the 2016 Barrow Street Book Prize and will be published by Barrow Street Press in 2017. She holds an MFA from George Mason University and an MLS from Catholic University of America. Visit her at, or follow her @blueaisling.