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Notes from Crew Quarters: Stress Relievers

Notes from Crew Quarters: Stress Relievers


We're heading into the final weeks of the semester, so we asked our editors how they relieve stress.

Krys Malcolm Belc, Associate Fiction Editor

Baking muffins. Eating muffins.

Robert Ball, Intern 

Eating... though it inevitably leads to more stress due to my lack of self control.

Molly Johnson, Intern 

I typically stress shop, stress eat, or stress sleep. All of which ultimately lead to more stress!

Sara Ryan, Associate Poetry Editor 

Watching the Food Network, napping, eating tacos, online shopping.

Jennifer Howard, Editor-in-Chief 

Most years I would say fantasy football, but I don't think I'm going to make the playoffs this time unless my running backs get it together.

Ethan Brightbill, Managing Editor 

If I'm doing creative work and feeling anxious, I'll go on a night walk with some music to give my subconscious time and space to make connections. If I'm writing an academic paper, however, I'll play a quick round of an FPS game like Counterstrike. Getting into a state of reaction keeps my brain from being overloaded by whatever critical theory sorcery I'm trying to understand.

Emily Doseck, Intern 

Watching Marvel movies. Reading Marvel comics. Looking at Marvel-related pins on Pintrest. Basically anything Marvel. The Marvel Universe is my happy place.

Tianli Kilpatrick, Associate Nonfiction Editor 

Horses. They're my stress reliever for everything. Also, puzzles. 3D puzzles are a great distraction.

Kelli Rajala, Intern

Definitely painting. If I'm feeling it, though, jewelry making as well. I like the tedious aspects of both that take all of my concentration, so I don't have to think about anything else for a while.

Melissa Orzechowski, Volunteer Reader 

Chewing ice.

Ella Flores, Associate Poetry Editor 

A nice bath with some hot chocolate.

Charlie Edwards, Intern 

Putting on music and dancing!

Boys Are Always Trying by Patrick Kindig

Boys Are Always Trying by Patrick Kindig

Pushcart Prize noms!

Pushcart Prize noms!