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Notes From Crew Quarters: Binge-worthy TV

Notes From Crew Quarters: Binge-worthy TV

Stranger Things has returned (!), so we asked our editors what other TV shows they consider binge-worthy.

Charlie Edwards, Intern 

Besides Stranger Things, shows that I find binge-worthy are Charmed, Will & Grace, X-Files and Once Upon a Time!

Sara Ryan, Associate Poetry Editor 

The Office and House. Finished both very long series in a few weeks.

Deziree Brown, Associate Poetry Editor 

Scandal. Anything with Kerry Washington in it is golden.

Jennifer Howard, Editor-in-Chief 

For me right now it's The Americans, though I'd watch any spy show with Mary Kay ladies and cowl-neck sweaters.

Ethan Brightbill, Associate Fiction Editor

Planet Earth, Adventure Time, Narcos, lots of stuff. If I want to relax, I'll put something on and then do something else while it plays.

Robert Ball, Intern 

It is nearly impossible to not binge Bojack Horseman.

Skyler Sars, Intern 

Rocko's Modern Life and Cowboy Bebop.

Emily Doseck, Intern 

Parks & Recreation. I watched the whole series in a week.

Krys Malcolm Belc, Associate Fiction Editor

I've recently watched entire seasons of Insecure and One Mississippi in one day.

Hanna Shemke, Intern

Pretty Little Liars hands down.

Randi Clemens, Associate Poetry Editor

For those who love a good chick show with fEeLinGs, Gilmore Girls is a classic. But I also love dark stuff like Dexter and American Horror Story. And while Iā€™m at it, also, New Girl!

Kelli Rajala, Intern

Anything Marvel for me. Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders.

The Ascension by Allison Pinkerton

The Ascension by Allison Pinkerton

Shaking Hands with Idi Amin by Sari Fordham

Shaking Hands with Idi Amin by Sari Fordham