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   Notes From Crew Quarters: End of Semester Blues

Notes From Crew Quarters: End of Semester Blues


This week, Ethan Brightbill asked our staff how they're coping with end-of-semester stress.

Krys Malcolm Belc, Associate Fiction Editor

Eating even more chocolate than usual, which is quite extreme behavior if we are being honest here.

Jason Teal, Associate Fiction Editor

I take naps. Gosh naps. Shucks naps. Why naps. Naps inside of naps. Naps I can steal at work. Naps inside of thoughts. A nap now. A nap later. Look I'm napping. I have napped. I will nap. Napping is comfort. Napping is necessary. Napping is real. My cat naps less than me. I'm a burden to my nap schedule. My nap schedule dictates my life. If you call during a nap, forget about it. Good night every day, any time of the day. Why aren't you napping this very moment? Will you nap already?

Hayli Cox Associate Nonfiction Editor

Petting my cat until he gets annoyed, then petting my stuffed dog Patches.

Deziree' Brown, Associate Poetry Editor


Brenna Womer, Associate Fiction Editor

Paxil. (Thanks, Doc!)

Jacqueline Boucher, Managing Editor

Poorly, but I think it's important to talk about, you know? I'm not coping well. My stomach is in knots, and my stress dreams have me standing in front of crowds in my underwear at least twice a week. But there are bright spots. I get to see my family for the first time in over a year soon. That'll be amazing. Also, books? Sending out my manuscript? Remembering that poems can be fun?? Sign me up.

Jennifer A. Howard,  Editor-in-Chief

Thank you for assuming I am coping with stress.

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