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Notes From Crew Quarters: Other Mediums

Notes From Crew Quarters: Other Mediums


This week,  Ethan Brightbill asked our editors and contributors what medium they would choose to work in if they had to give up writing for the rest of their lives.

Kelly Kiehl, Contributor

I've always thought it'd be fun to be a movie director. To be the rule-setter and the world-builder and aesthetic-definer for a group of adults that get together under the pretense of playing dress up and suspending all the rules of our world for a bit to tell a story would be fascinating. That said, I probably have a grossly shallow understanding of what directors actually do, and, that being the case, I'd probably just throw darts at balloons full of paint for the rest of my life because I'd be so angry that I couldn't write anymore, and also because I'm very good at darts.

Hayley Fitz, Associate Fiction Editor

Game design. I am pretty jazzed about the indie game accessibility right now, and I'd love to be a part of that somehow. Maybe world/character design? If I could haven't characters in my head, I would probably die.

Brenna Womer Associate Fiction Editor

Pottery! I have no idea if I'd be any good at it--terrible hand/eye coordination and no artistic ability--but I'd give it the ol' college try.

Krys Malcolm Belc, Associate Fiction Editor

If I had to channel my fairly research-heavy writing into some other creative venture, I would work as a dramaturg.

Sara Ryan, Associate Poetry Editor

Like Brenna said, ceramics. I was an art minor in college and it was my focus. I loved it a lot. If not ceramics, I would channel my creative energy into culinary arts.

Megan Martinek, Intern

I intend to do this in the long term–but I want to design soundtracks for films and TV!

Jason Teal, Associate Fiction Editor

Illustration, but I'm rusty. I would incorporate some serious graphic design elements and use Photoshop regularly to create standalone art or some weird comics venture.

Alexander Clark, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Professional sand-castle builder. People actually get paid to do that.

Emmanuel Flores, Associate Poetry Editor

I've always had a passion for bus driving. Like public school, seatbeltless, fun, bus driving.

Jacqueline Boucher, Managing Editor

Music. I've been involved in music since I was three, and I'd love to be able to dive all the way into it. Maybe I could finally learn to do two different things with my hands at once.

Hayli Cox, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Painting. I've always loved painting, the smell, colors, and layering. It's passionate but easier on the "soul."

Colton Lindsey, Associate Fiction Editor

I'd either open up my own fly shop or a bar. I've got experience running both, and I really enjoy them. I feel like it would be a good fit. Preferably somewhere like Colorado or Wyoming.

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