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Notes from Crew Quarters: End of Summer

Notes from Crew Quarters: End of Summer


With only a couple weeks of August left, Ethan Brightbill asked our editors what they will miss most about U.P. summers. From elder gods to ice cream, there's much to long for.

Jason Teal, Associate Fiction Editor

Thing I'll miss most (it's my last year) is sticking even one toe in this righteous lake bed. Shorts as high fashion. Walkabouts without shoes. Most of all I will miss the smell of lilacs in bloom (they peak in June? July? MEMORIES ARE FLEETING). I'm getting weepy remembering the bounty of this summer. Thanks a lot.

Jacqueline Boucher, Managing Editor

This summer, I came into my thigh confidence enough to wear shorts for the first time in a decade. I'll miss that. Also the satisfaction of drinking the air.

Hayley Fitz, Associate Fiction Editor

I miss nothing because I am a soulless harpy that thrives in the dead of winter. Also, crickets.

Jennifer A. Howard,  Editor-in-Chief 

I'll miss Frosty Treats. All winter, driving up Third and seeing the ice cream place shuttered: it just feels like life is on hold. Oh, and daylight.

Elisha Sheffer, Intern 

I'll miss how quiet Marquette is without all the students. No more napping in the trees on campus without an audience!

James Dyer, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Of all the things I miss about Marquette summers, the thing I'll miss most is when the tentacles of Cthulhu reach out of the lake and destroy reality.

Sarah Wenman David, Associate Fiction Editor

I’ll miss swimming (or “swimming”) in Lake Superior.

Colton Lindsey, Associate Fiction Editor

There are summers in Marquette? I have only just arrived and my winter coat is already in need of maintenance.

Sara Ryan, Associate Poetry Editor

I won't miss much other than the water thawing to a bearable temperature and the beach. I'm done with all the bugs. Done, I tell you!!!

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