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Notes from Crew Quarters: Click Here to Procrastinate

Notes from Crew Quarters: Click Here to Procrastinate


The semester has begun again, which means one thing for our editors: procrastination! This week, we asked them how they procrastinate.

Annie Bilancini, Associate Fiction Editor

Lately, I've been watching all the videos I can find of eggs being poached. I just watch people poach eggs. Sometimes I poach my own eggs, too. In real life.

Deziree' Brown, Associate Poetry Editor

Sipping wine and playing Destiny on my Xbox or watching the tv show Community, which contains my soul animal Yvette Nicole Brown.

John LaPine, Associate Nonfiction Editor

How to write an essay: 1. Wake up 2. Start coffee 3. Notice the dishes need to be done 4. Turn on animal documentary 5. Drink coffee 6. Make breakfast 7. Coffee pt. 2 8. Put a load of laundry in the washer 9. Fill the sink with soapy water 10. Sweep the kitchen 11. Vacuum the living room 12. Move laundry into dryer 13. Go for a run 14. Shower 15. Scrub down the tub and toilet 16. Remember the dishes sitting in the sink 17. Wash the dishes 18. Retrieve laundry from dryer 19. I guess I could wash my sheets too, while I'm thinking about it 20. Start the essay

Kelsey Lueptow, Associate Poetry Editor

Decide to watch one episode of every 90s show I can think of: 3rd Rock from the Sun, FRIENDS, Seinfeld, Ally McBeal. Then, binge watch all the rest of the episodes. Twice.

Paige Frazier, Associate Nonfiction Editor

I procrastinate by eating couscous salad from the co-op.

Hayli Cox, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Write letters to family back home, socialize my rats, and play Legos. With wine, of course

Willow Grosz Associate Editor, Fiction Talkeetna, Alaska

1. Make painstaking, all-inclusive list of upcoming Important Things. 2. Scroll Facebook for 30 minutes longer than intended. 3. Carefully number list by highest priority and what needs to be done first. At least two of these items are due tomorrow. 4. Call best friend, the one who never talks for less than an hour. 5. Double, triple, and quadruple check list, making sure priorities are, in fact, in the correct order. 6. Decide I need to look up the name of that essay I read three years ago RIGHT NOW. Can't remember name; end up on buzzfeed. 7. Begin working through checklist at item 3. 8. Experience unbearable nagging guilt until items 1-6 are complete.

Ethan Brightbill, Associate Fiction Editor

For a while I would play solitaire, which I hate. Once I had achieved a sufficient level of self-loathing over being unable to quit a game I didn't even want to be playing, then I'd get to work. Thankfully, I eventually got a computer without it.

Jason Teal, Associate Nonfiction Editor

I started a literary biannual, Heavy Feather Review.

Amy Hansen, Associate Poetry Editor

With other work? I am brainwashed.

Ashely Adams, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Well, NORMALLY, I would clean my room, but that does require me to leave my room to get to the washing machine, recycling, etc. However, right now there's a group of boys sitting in the hallway and when I leave my room they all look at me and ask me if I can help me with their calculus homework.

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