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Notes from Crew Quarters: Snacks!

Notes from Crew Quarters: Snacks!


We asked our editors, As a teen what was your weird after-school snack?

Jess Duncan, Associate Poetry Editor

I used to eat a big bowl of ice cream with hershey's chocolate syrup (from the can, remember those?) while I watched Full House. Sometimes my grandpa would join me, making it extra special.

Ben Kinny, Associate Fiction Editor

I would eat a bowl of Neapolitan ice cream on a bed of cookies--whatever we had, hopefully homemade. To the top I would add crushed pretzels and, if I was feeling especially ambitious, peanut butter smeared awkwardly around the edge of the bowl. It was probably 2000 calories' worth of snacks, all consumed within one episode of Judge Judy.

Marie Curran, Associate Fiction Editor

Cheese-Its while watching Daria on MTV (not allowed!). I don't eat Cheese-Its anymore, but sometimes write about them.

Becky Pelky, Associate Poetry Editor

I used to eat saltine crackers smeared with vanilla frosting.  Mostly people think that's gross, but I loved the salty/sweet combo!

Ryan Kauffman, Associate Nonfiction Editor

I used to get home and immediately make two Kroger-brand pre-made hamburgers. At the time, I was big into lifting for football and read (or possibly just overheard somewhere) that 40 grams of protein was the most an active body could efficiently process into muscle in one sitting, so I ate two 20 gramers, as they were, to make sure I could bench press more during my following workout. Of course, who knows if it worked or not. But I now have a healthy case of angina.

Robin McCarthy, Managing Editor

For a while in high school, I ate oyster crackers and Diet Mountain Dew every day after school. Today, it's malbec and saltines. I like to think I'm maturing.

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