Redefining north.

Notes from Crew Quarters

Notes from Crew Quarters


After months of development and design consultation, Passages North is over the moon to launch our new logo! Undeniably, we've been drawn to workaboutspace recently, but when pressed about why a rocket ship redesign, Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Howard has been tight-lipped. So we asked our associate editors and interns what gives: Why this artistic commitment to space travel? Why, of all the vessels that might define the Passages North journey, have we touched down on a space ship?

Jill Harris, Associate Fiction Editor

My first thought is that we already live in a lunar landscape, so why not have something representative of that?

Kaitlin Kolhoff, Intern

What is a rocket ship, really, but a man made exclamation point barreling through space?

Jason Teal, Associate Poetry Editor

After evading anti-literacy agencies for a handful of centuries—think The Matrix, Mr. Smiths and Neos locked in eternal stalemate combat in some woods near a lake—Passages North has instituted a new division dedicated to space aeronautics and engineering, training elite graduate students and interns as associate genre editors and sending them onward into the new literary frontier: Space. Boldly going where no literary journal has gone before, Passages North aims to be the first publisher to distribute pamphlets of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry to heretofore “lost” alien civilizations, having established a base of operations in the North. Lock up. Winter is coming.

Christen Leppla, Associate Fiction Editor

Little known PN Fact: Passages North’s new logo is a rocket because Jen hopes it will earn her a ticket to Space Camp.

Amy Elisabeth Hansen, Associate Poetry Editor

Our sister publication, The MostNorth, will begin publishing the best work from new and established writers from all over the universe. Headquartered on Earth's moon, The Most North is especially interested in intergalactic perspectives from non-human entities.

Jacqueline Boucher, Associate Poetry Editor

Here at Passages North, we're boldly going where no literary magazine has gone before!

Tracy Haack, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Because we will need stories on the Mars One colony.

James Dyer, Associate Nonfiction Editor

Because Passages North is out of this world!

Andrea Wuorenmaa, Associate Nonfiction Editor

The new Passages logo is shaped like a rocketship because that's what we'd need to blast out of the cold, snowy U.P. during the winter.

Revenge by Joseph Fasano

Revenge by Joseph Fasano

Interview with nonfiction contest judge Steven Church

Interview with nonfiction contest judge Steven Church