Cover Art by John B. Herman


Jennifer K. Sweeney: The Returning
Mary Biddinger: Cooperative Efforts / Ode to Your Innocence
Mary Beth Ferda: Mysore / Meeting in the Daytime
Nicholas Reading: The Pockets of Ollie Grooms / Missive and a Coffin / Packing the Truck / Paper Moon
Hailey Leithauser: Ceci N’est Pas une Poésie / The Moon Speaks of Things that Go Bump in the Night
Bob Hicok: Watching my father watch (seriously) “Joy in a Can” / Black hole, white whale
Priscilla Becker: Only Something / Logic
Mark Neely: Lorenzo on the Stoop
Malachi Black: Under an Eclipsing Moon / Dining after Dawn / Sleepwalker, Lost
Kim Chinquee: I Ate the Insides
Jordan Davis: For Dylan Moran, or After Him / Poem / The Shouting / What Goes, What Stays / The Idea Itself
Mariela Griffor: Cattys
Connie Voisine: After The First Road
Christine Garren: The Predator / The Star
Charmi Keranen: Seney / The Teeth of My Existence are Buried in the Wall
Claudia Burbank: The Pleasant Grove Home for Men
Tim Lockridge: It Is Time to Return
Pamela McClure: Recitation
August Segrest: Heaney and Rick
Joseph Wood: Entering Vegas from the East, Wee Hours
John Poch: Sevilla
Jim Daniels: Sonnet in the Key of M (Mature)
Paul Scot August: Railroad Bridge, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Sarah Maclay: The Faith of the Skeleton / Cut City / The Blunt Edge of Wanting
Jonathan Johnson: In / Please
Naoko Fujimoto: February / Eyelashes, Four / A Pianist
B.J. Best: Sudden Prayer / Sudden Prayer for the Climbing Tree / Sudden Prayer for Poison Ivy
Jane Mead: The Narrows / Vacuum Drama
Travis Mossotti: Funhouse of Mirth
Maia Rauschenberg: The Day That Spaceship
Jamie Brunton: Reclaimed Land, Saltlick Township Road


James Schiffer: Conversations with Richard Stern
Monica Berlin: The Eighteenth Week
Michael Hemery: With Honors
Gary Fincke: Brains
Randon Billings Noble: The Split
Aaron Gilbreath: It’s Really Something You Should Have Examined
Hilary Selznick: Chinese Food and a Movie
Jennifer Lynn Alessi: Cousins


John Azrak: I Am Listening
Katie Cortese: Tug-of-War
Daniel John: God Said Do Not Eat the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil / The Anchovies of Anguish / Leaving Susan
Shelley Berg: Reliable
Hadley Boyd: The Ride
Becky Hagenston: Ivy Green
Owen Duffy: Skinner Lake
Katrina Denza: Blue Moon
Agnieszka Stachura: Heritage
Laura M. Gibson: The Myth of Migration